Saturday, October 11, 2014

PPP Faucet screen Shot

This is pppfaucet one time screen capture i made when i earned the reward from the site.
Every 20 minutes you can earn 105 stoshi from this website. land of bitcoins site provides the platfrom for earning from many websites all at once you can see the square banner on the top right which says earn from more than 100 faucet sites all at once and get paid to microwallet account.
pppfaucet.JPGIf you create accounts on different faucet websites there are minimum requirements to reach minimum payout threshhold to get paid out. Most are above 5500 stoshi minimum and many payout when you reach 25000 stoshi.
One platform land of bitcoins makes it easy. you earn from more than 100 sites and are increasing day by day and all micro payments of 100 stoshi and 200 or 1000 or even 1 stoshi are paid instantly to microwallet account. and you could earn more than 10000 stoshi per hour. If you hit 50000 jackpot that is your luck but minmum 10000 stohsi are must you could be earning per hour.


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