Saturday, October 11, 2014

Earn Every Minute on Moon Bitcoin

New Update : As I have visualized you will earn 250 stoshi every 30 minutes but if you wait for an hour then you will earn 330 stoshi per hour and if you claim every 10 minutes you will be earning even more than 600 stoshi per hour. That is amazing.

At moonbitcoin you can earn every minute. The good thing is that just only login to moonbitcoin and do nothing. Your satoshis will increase every minute. Almost 500 per hour. 
Its up to you if claim every five minute the stoshis you will be earning more than 600 per hour if you claim every 30 minutes then 500 satoshis per hour if you claim after 30 minutes then increment of satoshis declines every minute. For example you log in and leave for a full day you will earn 1000 satoshis in a day for claiming once. For claiming twice per hour you will earn 500 satoshi per hour in calculate your daily earnings according to your time you can give. 
Again if you surf bitcoin faucets on land of bitcoins they will bring you to moonbitcoin every 30 minutes giving you 250 satoshi for every 30 minutes.
moon bit coin does not allow to claim satoshi below five minutes interval. You must wait 5 minutes to make your next claim.
You can log in and close the site and come after one day don't delete cookies. Once you go online open the moonbitcoin you will earn the time you were away. But after 30 minutes it slows down for increment of satoshis that is the point you must remember. If you don't claim for 2 days then you will be below 1500 for two days and as you go further for 3 or 4 days it will more slower and you won't be even able to get to 2000 stoshis per week. So make claims as soon as you can for higher earnings on moon bit coin.
You can check in the capture image I have posted I am above 30000 stoshis and yet week is not over.


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