Friday, October 17, 2014

3 Most Profitabl Bitcoin Faucets

From Thousands of BTC Faucets there are only 3 which are the most profitable faucets.
Two of these three proved 200 dollars earning oppertunity every hour while the third one is amazing that earns you bitcoin while you are offline. Once you create account and login you will start earning every second and minute. If you have time you could claim every 5 minute that will be the most profitable earning you more than 500 stoshis every hour. If you want to claim once every hour that will only earn you 300 stoshis.
Here are the links to those sites. 
The one Which provides you to earn 200 Dollars opportunity every hour but if you are not the lucky one to earn 200 dollars then your luck may be among 2 cent 2 dollars 20 dollars or 200 dollars. you could be the one to earn 200 per hour. You have 24 chances in one day to won 200 dollars but remember if you don't won 200 dollars you are still not loser you will be earning something between that which i have mentioned. 
Below are the links to those sites just join them and enjoy your luck.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bitcoin Kaisay Kamain - Urdu Italic aur - Urdu Picture

Bitcoin kia hai, Bitcoin mining kia hai , mukamal urdu guide
Bitcoin Kamany kay Tareekay

Bitcoins kay sath Paisay Kamayein.

  دراصل نیو انٹرنیٹ کرنسی ہے BitCoin
جس کے ذریعے رقم کی منتقلی انتہائی آسان ہوگئی ہے اب کسی بینک اکاؤنٹ کی ضرورت نہیں کہ رہی تاکہ آپ آن لائین شاپنگ کرسکیں یا اپنا آن لائین کاروبار چلا سکیں۔
اس پر پیسے اپ لوڈ کرنے انتہائی آسان ہیں کسی بھی ایکسچینجر سے رابطہ کریں یا پھر خود سے آن لائن ویب سائٹس سے پیسے کمائیں اور جتنے چاہیں بٹ کوئن بنائیں۔ ایک بٹ کوئین تین سو پچاس ڈالر سے لے کر 520 ڈالر تک جاتا ہے جب چاہے آپ نکلوا سکتیں ہیں اگر آپ سمجھتے ہیں اس وقت سستا ہے تو مہنگے ہونے کا انتظار کریں اور پھر بٹ کوئین نکلوائیں۔ یا پھر جب سستے ترین ہوں یعنی 350 ڈالر سے کم ہوں تو بٹ کوئین خریدیں۔ 
اس بلاگ میں بٹ کوئین فاسٹ سے جتنے چاہیں
 (BitCoin Faucet are similar to PTC sites Paid to Click)بنائیں
اس بلاگ میں وہ تمام ویب سائٹس اور ان سے کمائی کے طریقے انگلش میں درج ہیں انشائ اللہ اردو میں بھی سب طریقے درج کیے جائیں گے اس بلا گ میں ۔

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Earn Every Minute on Moon Bitcoin

New Update : As I have visualized you will earn 250 stoshi every 30 minutes but if you wait for an hour then you will earn 330 stoshi per hour and if you claim every 10 minutes you will be earning even more than 600 stoshi per hour. That is amazing.

At moonbitcoin you can earn every minute. The good thing is that just only login to moonbitcoin and do nothing. Your satoshis will increase every minute. Almost 500 per hour. 
Its up to you if claim every five minute the stoshis you will be earning more than 600 per hour if you claim every 30 minutes then 500 satoshis per hour if you claim after 30 minutes then increment of satoshis declines every minute. For example you log in and leave for a full day you will earn 1000 satoshis in a day for claiming once. For claiming twice per hour you will earn 500 satoshi per hour in calculate your daily earnings according to your time you can give. 
Again if you surf bitcoin faucets on land of bitcoins they will bring you to moonbitcoin every 30 minutes giving you 250 satoshi for every 30 minutes.
moon bit coin does not allow to claim satoshi below five minutes interval. You must wait 5 minutes to make your next claim.
You can log in and close the site and come after one day don't delete cookies. Once you go online open the moonbitcoin you will earn the time you were away. But after 30 minutes it slows down for increment of satoshis that is the point you must remember. If you don't claim for 2 days then you will be below 1500 for two days and as you go further for 3 or 4 days it will more slower and you won't be even able to get to 2000 stoshis per week. So make claims as soon as you can for higher earnings on moon bit coin.
You can check in the capture image I have posted I am above 30000 stoshis and yet week is not over.

Free Bitcoin earn Money in PJs

A wonderful website for bitcoins gives away from 20 to 20000 stoshi twice in a day. You needn't to worry to track the website. Land of bitcoin will deliver the site once the required time has passed and will send to your microwallet account instantly.
You can see the rewards in red circle with number 2. 
Number three in red is the area where you can enter your bitcoin or microwallet address to earn instantly.
The number 4 is the captcha you have to fill.
The last arrow shows the button where you have to click to earn the reward.

Pizza faucet Screen Shot - Earn bitcoins

Pizza faucet provides 75 to 10000 stoshi earning oppertunity every 3 hours as you can see in screen shot.
pizzafaucet.JPGThis time i earned only 75 stoshi and it says they are paid directly to your microwallet account.
Again I explain that don't create account on this website. You have to create account using land of bitcoins banner of which is on the top right. Creating single website account makes difficult to reach your minimum payout threshold on any of these websites

PPP Faucet screen Shot

This is pppfaucet one time screen capture i made when i earned the reward from the site.
Every 20 minutes you can earn 105 stoshi from this website. land of bitcoins site provides the platfrom for earning from many websites all at once you can see the square banner on the top right which says earn from more than 100 faucet sites all at once and get paid to microwallet account.
pppfaucet.JPGIf you create accounts on different faucet websites there are minimum requirements to reach minimum payout threshhold to get paid out. Most are above 5500 stoshi minimum and many payout when you reach 25000 stoshi.
One platform land of bitcoins makes it easy. you earn from more than 100 sites and are increasing day by day and all micro payments of 100 stoshi and 200 or 1000 or even 1 stoshi are paid instantly to microwallet account. and you could earn more than 10000 stoshi per hour. If you hit 50000 jackpot that is your luck but minmum 10000 stohsi are must you could be earning per hour.